Patty & Dan Hanson have been raising American Oberhasli dairy goats in Madera,  CA since 1997. The herd is raised on quality alfalfa hay, a custom grain mix and minerals, including kelp.  Our goats are given annual CD/T and BOSE as well as Copper boluses.

The herd has participated in DHIR, Linear Appraisal, CAE / CL testing through WADDL, as well as several ADGA Nationals Shows. We have been honored to have 2 doelings selected for the ADGA Spotlight Sale and 2 doelings selected for the ADGA Colorama Sale.  Each year we try to attend a few local ADGA shows as well as a few fairs in California, including the California State Fair.

In 2015, We attended the ADGA National Show at Redmond, Oregon.   We were very pleased with the overall Herd Placements!  Some of the stand-outs included: 3 yr old Wildcat, placing 2nd, and Hot Topic as 3rd in the 4 yr old class. Our black doe, Lyric placed 5th 2 yr old as a first freshener.  Elara – 3rd pl Dry Yearling,  Evening Flirt – 3rd pl. Jr kid, Sho*Shanna, 5th Int. Kid with Lilac placing 6th, Additionally, we placed Second in all of the Sr. group classes that we entered – 1st pl included either the National Ch or Reserve – or BOTH!

At the 2009 National Show, we were excited to win the Jr. Kid, Int. Kid, Sr. Kid (and National Jr. Champion) classes, as well as the Best 3 Jrs. , Get of Sire – Jr. does, and Get of Sire-Sr. does.

In 2009, our last full year of does participating in the standard DHIR milk test, our herd had 5 out of the ADGA Top 10 does in Protein, 4 out of the Top 10, in Butterfat, and 3 out of the Top 10 in Production.  Additionally 2 does were designated USDA Elite Does.

At this time, all kids are being dam-raised, unless previously requested to be bottle-raised. 
We have updated CAE / CL results (FEB. 2015) from WADDL – Negative on ALL does.